My Role as a Virtual Administrative Consultant

You finally took the plunge to open your own business and it is going great…except you feel like you are constantly drowning in paperwork and administrative tasks.  You are being pulled away from the reason you opened your business in the first place, to make, create or provide a service to your customer. That’s where I come in.


I help business owners streamline their systems, organize their business and increase their client relations by taking over the tasks they don’t have the time for or simply don’t enjoy.  My focus is to relieve the burden of your administrative, organizational or social media tasks. What exactly does that include? Here are some of the tasks I can assist with:



-email management

-creating forms or reports

-basic bookkeeping

⇨invoicing clients

⇨tracking expenses

-creating standard operating procedures

-online research



-calendar management

-scheduling appointments

-data entry

-creating/managing spreadsheets

-website support and development

⇨installing WordPress plugins and themes

⇨creating new web pages

⇨adding blog posts


Social Media:

-creating and managing Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages

-moderating comments

-implement and manage content calendar


If you dream of your days being more functional, productive and enjoyable, lets chat to see how I can help you navigate all the demands of the business you love.