The Art of Organizing Workflows: Why & How to Separate Your Client Journey

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, managing client interactions seamlessly is a must. As a Dubsado specialist, I have a valuable piece of advice to share with fellow entrepreneurs: Organizing workflows into inquiry, booking, onboarding, project management and offboarding workflows can create a more personalized and streamlined client journey. Let’s dive into the art of organizing workflows to enhance the client experience.

The Temptation to Combine:

When building workflows in Dubsado or any other CRM platform, it’s tempting to lump everything together in one extensive process. I know I did when I first got started building. After all, it seems more efficient to have a single, all-encompassing workflow that spans from the initial inquiry to the final offboarding. While this approach can work, it can also get pretty messy… there are more effective ways to create a truly exceptional client experience.

Embracing Different Phases:

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, try embracing different phases in the client journey: inquiry, booking, onboarding, project management and offboarding. By breaking it down, each phase becomes an opportunity to build genuine connections with clients, tailored to their unique needs.

A Warm Welcome: The Inquiry Phase

The inquiry phase is the perfect time to make potential clients feel seen and valued. By keeping inquiry workflows separate, you can have dedicated discovery call forms, follow-ups, and standard information that welcomes clients into your world.

The Magic of Booking:

During the booking phase, the real magic happens. Here’s where you can send out customized proposals, contracts, and invoices based on your clients’ specific requirements. By keeping this phase separate, you maintain flexibility if plans change or if a different service path is more suitable for your client.  Keeping this phase separate from the Inquiry phase also prevents a $0 invoice from being created on your projects until you know you are ready to send them a proposal.  This is usually the only workflow phase that you will manually add to the client’s project – the rest will happen with the beauty of automation!

Navigating Onboarding:

Onboarding is a crucial phase in the client journey. After the discovery call and proposal acceptance, this is where clients commit to working with you. Separate onboarding workflows ensure that all the necessary forms, questionnaires, and scheduling tools are presented to clients who are ready to embark on the journey with you.  These forms may be different between service types, so you can cater onboarding workflows for each service type.  Keeping this phase separate allows it to only start automatically once the client pays the invoice or signs the contract, whichever trigger you prefer.

Streamlining Project Management:

Once the onboarding phase is complete, project management takes center stage. While you could potentially combine onboarding and project management, keeping them separate creates a cleaner and more organized process. It ensures that clients who have completed the initial onboarding paperwork can smoothly transition to the project management phase.

Offboarding with Grace:

The offboarding phase is just as essential as the onboarding. By keeping this phase separate, you can have a standard offboarding workflow that applies to all clients, regardless of the service they initially sought. This ensures consistency and the opportunity to gather feedback from all clients on their journey with you.

The Power of Automation:

In Dubsado, automation is a superpower. By setting up specific triggers, such as contract assignment or invoice payment, you can automatically start new workflows. This ensures a seamless client journey that progresses based on the actions your clients take. It also ensures that you have the freedom to put your client’s needs above all else, without having to fuss with the back end necessary – but tedious – processes. 

Organizing your workflows in Dubsado or any CRM platform is an art that can significantly impact your client’s experience. By separating your inquiry, booking, onboarding, project management and offboarding workflows, you create personalized interactions, build genuine connections, and maintain a clean and efficient system. Embrace the power of organized workflows and watch your business flourish as you provide excellence at every phase of the client journey. So, take this advice to heart and elevate your client experience to new heights!

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