#1 Must-Have Dubsado Workflow for Your Business Success

The Inquiry Workflow

Diving into Dubsado can seem like a daunting task due to its multiple functions and possibilities for business growth. Dubsado is a robust backend client management system but I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by this amazing tool. On the contrary, Dubsado will set your mind at ease by streamlining your client management and organizing the necessary related tasks in your business. This allows you to step away from time-consuming manual labor that takes away from your ultimate success. Let’s talk about the #1 Must-Have workflow to get you started.

Workflows are a key part of the magic of Dubsado and I want you to be set up to succeed. You can create workflows for just about any aspect of your business but the #1 must-have Dubsado workflow for your business is an inquiry workflow. An inquiry workflow gets prospective clients and collaborators into your system without having to perform any manual entries. Once they’re in, this workflow also takes care of follow-ups, scheduling, and integrative aspects of your first interaction with a new lead. The time this saves you is massive! 

There are 3 main parts to this workflow: Information gathering, scheduling your meeting, and follow-ups. Each of these parts is made up of many smaller, automated steps that create the best experience for you and your leads. These are all major aspects of the client journey and they have a huge impact on whether or not your leads become clients. 

Information gathering

How is someone getting into your workflow?

Lead forms are the best first step in efficiently adding someone into your inquiry workflow. These forms ask questions about the inquiring person (their basic information, how they found out about you, what kind of service they’re looking for, and other pertinent qualifying questions) so that Dubsado can create an associated project attached to their name. This information will be used to auto-populate further interactions with your lead for a seamless, personalized experience.

Your lead form can be customized as much as you want to create a smooth, professional, and fully branded experience for your new prospects. This form can be sent manually, embedded on your website, or attached to your chosen scheduler. Once filled, Dubsado will tag and email appropriate team members if they need to be notified about anything during the process.

Schedule a meeting

Are they qualified to move forward?

With Dubsado’s built-in, customizable scheduler, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all of your client information because it’s all stored in one place. The lead form and the scheduler have many overlapping functions which can be streamlined by asking the following questions:

Do you want leads to be able to immediately book a call with you? OR, do you want them to fill out a lead form so you can get enough information to see if they’re a good fit for you first? 

If you choose to separate your lead form from your scheduler then the information you’ve gathered from the lead form allows you to screen your scheduler and preserve your time – time is precious, after all! 


Stay on their radar!

Now that Dubsado has created a project for your new lead, it’s important that you keep them in the loop to encourage follow-through on bookings and other collaborative opportunities. This fosters a deeper connection with you and your brand. It builds trust and increases conversion during the sales process. 

Once your prospect has filled out the lead form, what automatic response do you want to have to go out to them? You will want to have a good amount of canned emails (templates specific to each phase of the workflow, auto-populated with the information from the lead form) to guide your new lead through their experience with your brand. 

  • A confirmation email about their booking 
  • Reminder emails so they follow through with their booking 
  • Connection emails that show you’re a real person and that you’re looking forward to the booked call

After your call, you will need to have follow-up emails prepared to thank them for their time, review what was discussed, see if they have any questions, and simply stay in touch. Automated follow-ups help you to stay on their radar without having to put in the manual work! 

The beauty of workflows is that you only need to create these working parts once and it will automatically run for all subsequent leads. Again, understanding the client’s journey is integral to making this time-saving automation a reality. As you move forward with the leads who enter into this workflow, you will be able to expand on their experience with other types of workflows depending on their involvement with your business.

If you’re ready to explore how Dubsado can improve your all-around business experience Book a call today and experience it for yourself.